State Level

Rs 10 Lakhs

Investement :                            10-15 Lakh Rupees

Franchise fee:                           2 lakh Rs

Royalty fee :                             50,000 Rs/annum

Contract term :                        5 years

Security :                                  Nil

Promotion :                              Min. 3,00,000 yearly

Return :                                    Above 24% per annum

Space Required :                     800-1000 sq feet

Prefered Location :                 Commercial on                                                                    approach road

Data access :                            Free in own state

Business Support

  • Brand name
  • Central Promotion
  • Creative Designing
  • Trainings
  • IT Support
  • Printing And Branding Material
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PR Services


-> If artist are arranged from another district then Rs 500 per artist will be given to the district and 250 Rs to master franchise and dellywood each

 ->Artist registration fee Rs 2500 collected then 20% to master franchise, 30% to Dellywood, 50% will be given to district franchise

->If any event is organized by Dellywood then all local franchise will be the part of event

 ->Franchise can be resold at any time on premium, document management expenses will be beared.