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Full Name Real Name Nickname Date of Birth Birth Place Nationality Education Father’s Name Mother’s Name Other Family Members
Ajay Devgn Vishal Devgan Ajay Dev April 2, 1969 New Delhi, India Indian Graduate (Economics) Veeru Devgan Veena Devgan Kajol (Wife, Actress)
            (Ramjas College, Delhi)     Nyasa (Daughter)
                  Yug (Son)

Ajay Devgn, born Vishal Devgan on April 2, 1969, in New Delhi, India, is a prominent Indian actor, film director, and producer. He is well-known for his intense performances and versatile roles in the Indian film industry. Ajay completed his graduation in Economics from Ramjas College in Delhi. He is the son of Veeru Devgan, a renowned stunt choreographer and action director in Bollywood, and Veena Devgan.

In addition to his successful career, Ajay Devgn is also a family man. He is married to fellow Bollywood actress Kajol and they have two children together, a daughter named Nyasa and a son named Yug. Ajay’s family has been a constant support system throughout his journey in the entertainment industry, and his daughter Nyasa and son Yug add immense joy to his personal life.

Artistic Process: Ajay Devgn, a multi-talented actor, director, and producer in the Indian film industry, is known for his disciplined and intense artistic process. As an actor, he immerses himself in the characters he portrays, bringing authenticity and depth to each role. Ajay is admired for his ability to effortlessly switch between diverse characters, be it an action-packed role or an emotionally charged character. His dedication to perfecting every aspect of his performances has earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan following. As a director and producer, Ajay maintains a sharp eye for storytelling and is keen on delivering impactful narratives that resonate with audiences.

Childhood & Early Life: Ajay Devgn, whose real name is Vishal Devgan, was born on April 2, 1969, in New Delhi, India. He grew up in a film-oriented family, with his father Veeru Devgan being a renowned stunt choreographer and his mother Veena Devgan, a film producer. Ajay’s childhood was influenced by the world of cinema, and he showed an early interest in acting and filmmaking. He attended Silver Beach High School in Juhu, Mumbai, and later pursued a degree in Economics from Ramjas College in Delhi.

Career Beginnings: Ajay Devgn’s career in the film industry began with the 1991 action drama “Phool Aur Kaante,” which marked his debut as an actor. His impactful entry scene in which he balanced atop two motorcycles showcased his fearlessness and set the tone for his future action-packed roles. The film’s success established him as a promising newcomer. Over the years, he diversified his roles and showcased his acting prowess in various genres, earning him recognition as one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors.

Career Highlights: Ajay Devgn’s career is studded with numerous highlights. Some of his most memorable performances include “Singham” (2011) and its sequels, where he portrayed the honest and valiant police officer Bajirao Singham. His roles in films like “Zakhm” (1998), “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” (2002), and “Omkara” (2006) garnered critical acclaim and won him several awards. As a director and producer, he received praise for films like “U Me Aur Hum” (2008) and “Shivaay” (2016), which showcased his skills behind the camera as well.

Fanbase and Influence: Ajay Devgn has a vast and dedicated fanbase, affectionately known as “Ajayians.” His charismatic screen presence and versatile performances have earned him a massive following not only in India but also among the Indian diaspora worldwide. His films often witness a strong box office performance, owing to his loyal fan following. Ajay’s influence extends beyond his acting career, as he is also respected for his humility, professionalism, and contributions to the film industry.

Philanthropy and Charity Work: Ajay Devgn is actively involved in philanthropy and charity work. He has supported various causes, including education for underprivileged children and disaster relief initiatives. His charitable endeavors extend to healthcare and environmental causes as well. Through the Ajay Devgn Foundation, he has been contributing to the welfare of society, making a positive impact on the lives of many.

Personal Life, Family, and Support System: Ajay Devgn’s personal life revolves around his family. He is married to the talented actress Kajol, and they have two children, daughter Nysa and son Yug. The couple’s strong bond and commitment to each other have been an inspiration to many. Ajay’s parents and extended family have played a crucial role in his life, providing unwavering support and encouragement throughout his journey in the film industry.

Challenges and Obstacles: Despite achieving tremendous success, Ajay Devgn has faced challenges and obstacles in his career. Competing in a highly competitive industry and carving a niche as a versatile actor required determination and hard work. Additionally, navigating the pressures of fame, balancing personal and professional commitments, and coping with the unpredictable nature of the film business presented their own set of challenges.

Impact on the Industry: Ajay Devgn’s contribution to the Indian film industry has been immense. He is regarded as one of the finest actors in Bollywood, known for his powerful performances and dedication to his craft. He has successfully broken the stereotype of a typical Bollywood hero, showcasing his versatility and willingness to take up unconventional roles. As a filmmaker, he has brought unique stories to the screen and encouraged experimentation in storytelling.

Training and Preparation: Ajay Devgn is known for his disciplined approach to his work. He is committed to honing his skills as an actor, constantly seeking ways to improve his craft. His preparation for roles often involves extensive research and physical training, especially for action sequences. Ajay’s dedication to perfecting his performances has garnered praise from audiences and critics alike.

Critical Reception: Ajay Devgn’s performances have been widely acclaimed by critics throughout his career. From portraying intense characters to delivering comic timing, he has consistently received accolades for his versatility and natural flair. His ability to breathe life into diverse roles has earned him numerous awards and nominations.

Evolution of Style: Over the years, Ajay Devgn’s style has evolved both on and off-screen. From his initial action-hero image to exploring a wide range of characters, he has embraced a diverse array of roles, allowing his acting to evolve with each project. His effortless portrayal of intense and emotional characters has made him a formidable force in the industry.

Behind the Scenes: Behind the camera, Ajay Devgn is known for his professionalism and dedication. As a director and producer, he actively participates in the filmmaking process, bringing his vision to life. He maintains a cordial relationship with co-stars and crew members, contributing to a positive and creative work environment on set.

Legacy and Cultural Impact: Ajay Devgn’s legacy in the Indian film industry is marked by his versatility, commitment to excellence, and contributions as an actor, director, and producer. His impact on Bollywood extends to shaping contemporary cinema and inspiring aspiring actors to pursue unconventional roles.

Public Persona: Ajay Devgn is admired for his down-to-earth and humble nature. He is known for his reserved demeanor and prefers to let his work speak for itself. Despite his celebrity status, he maintains a private personal life, garnering respect from fans and fellow industry professionals.

Controversies and Scandals: Ajay Devgn, like many public figures, has faced controversies and rumors throughout his career. However, he has handled such situations with dignity and has stayed focused on his work.

International Appeal: Ajay Devgn’s talent and versatile performances have earned him recognition beyond India’s borders. He has a substantial fan following among the Indian diaspora, particularly in countries with a significant South Asian population.

Genre and Range: Ajay Devgn’s filmography encompasses a wide range of genres, including action, drama, romance, comedy, and historical epics. His ability to adapt to different genres and deliver compelling performances has contributed to his enduring popularity.

Personal Challenges and Growth: Ajay Devgn’s journey in the film industry has been marked by personal challenges and growth. He has faced setbacks, learned from experiences, and consistently worked to

Social and Political Views: Ajay Devgn has been relatively private about his social and political views. Throughout his career, he has refrained from making overt political statements or aligning himself with any particular political party. Instead, he chooses to focus on his work in the entertainment industry and keeps his personal beliefs separate from his public image. While he may not be very vocal about his political views, Ajay is actively involved in philanthropy and charitable work. He supports various social causes, including initiatives related to education, disaster relief, and healthcare. His contributions to society through the Ajay Devgn Foundation reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others, irrespective of their political affiliations.

Collaborations with Filmmakers: Ajay Devgn has collaborated with a wide range of filmmakers throughout his career, establishing himself as a versatile actor willing to take on diverse roles. He has worked with renowned directors like Prakash Jha, Rohit Shetty, and Milan Luthria, among others. His collaborations with these filmmakers have resulted in successful and critically acclaimed movies. Ajay’s association with Rohit Shetty, in particular, has been highly successful, leading to blockbuster hits like the “Golmaal” series and “Singham.” As a director and producer, Ajay has also collaborated with talented writers and creative minds, bringing unique and engaging stories to the screen. His willingness to experiment with different genres and work with various filmmakers has contributed to the richness and variety of his filmography.


Movie Name Release Date Describe Role
Phool Aur Kaante 22 Nov 1991 Ajay Devgn made his debut as an action hero in this film, showcasing his fearless persona and performing an iconic stunt with two motorcycles.
The Legend of Bhagat Singh 7 Jun 2002 Ajay portrayed the titular role of Bhagat Singh, the revolutionary freedom fighter, with utmost conviction and received widespread critical acclaim.
Omkara 28 Jul 2006 In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Othello,” Ajay played the character of Langda Tyagi, a cunning and manipulative antagonist, displaying his versatility as an actor.
Singham 22 Jul 2011 Ajay portrayed the role of DCP Bajirao Singham, a righteous and fierce police officer, in this action-packed blockbuster that became synonymous with his image as a cop.
Drishyam 31 Jul 2015 Ajay portrayed the role of Vijay Salgaonkar, a common man who employs his intelligence to protect his family from grave circumstances, delivering a gripping and intense performance.
Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior 10 Jan 2020 Ajay essayed the character of Tanaji Malusare, the brave Maratha warrior, in this historical epic, showcasing his valor and dedication to his role as a leader in battle.


Award Title Purpose Year Description
National Film Awards Recognition of Excellence in Indian Cinema 1999 Ajay Devgn received the National Film Award for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in the film “Zakhm.” His portrayal of a son dealing with complex emotions surrounding his mother’s past earned him critical acclaim and recognition at a national level.
Filmfare Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema 1998 Ajay Devgn won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his powerful role in “Zakhm.” His moving performance as a son struggling with family turmoil and communal tensions resonated with audiences and critics alike, further establishing him as a formidable actor in Bollywood.
Padma Shri Civilian award for distinguished service to the nation 2016 Ajay Devgn was honored with the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards, in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of arts and entertainment. This prestigious honor symbolizes the nation’s acknowledgment of his remarkable talent and his positive impact on Indian cinema and society.
IIFA Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema (International Indian Film Academy Awards) 2003 Ajay Devgn won the IIFA Award for Best Actor for his exceptional performance in “The Legend of Bhagat Singh.” His portrayal of the revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh earned him critical acclaim and marked one of his standout roles in Bollywood.
Screen Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema (Screen Awards) 2003 Ajay Devgn received the Screen Award for Best Actor for his powerful performance in “Company.” His portrayal of a gangster’s rise in the Mumbai underworld showcased his versatility and earned him praise for his nuanced acting.
Stardust Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema (Stardust Awards) 2007 Ajay Devgn won the Stardust Award for Best Actor for his outstanding role in “Omkara.” His portrayal of Langda Tyagi, a cunning antagonist, demonstrated his ability to tackle complex characters with finesse, garnering critical acclaim and recognition from the film industry.
Zee Cine Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema (Zee Cine Awards) 2007 Ajay Devgn received the Zee Cine Award for Best Actor for his brilliant performance in “Golmaal: Fun Unlimited.” His impeccable comic timing and entertaining portrayal of a character in a slapstick comedy added a new dimension to his versatile acting repertoire, making him a favorite among audiences.
Big Star Entertainment Awards Excellence in Indian Cinema (Big Star Entertainment Awards) 2011 Ajay Devgn won the Big Star Entertainment Award for Most Entertaining Actor in a Thriller Film – Male for “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai.” His powerful portrayal of a gangster in this crime thriller showcased his ability to excel in diverse genres, contributing to the film’s success and earning him accolades for his performance.
Brand Name Description
Navratna Oil Ajay Devgn has been the brand ambassador for Navratna Oil, a popular herbal hair oil brand, endorsing its cooling and revitalizing properties.
Hajmola Ajay Devgn has associated with Hajmola, a popular digestive tablet brand in India, adding his charm to its entertaining and refreshing ad campaigns.
Bagpiper Ajay Devgn has been the face of Bagpiper, a well-known brand of Indian whiskey, promoting its distinct taste and youthful appeal.
Joyalukkas Ajay Devgn has endorsed Joyalukkas, a leading jewelry brand, reflecting his appeal as a symbol of trust and luxury in the jewelry market.
Mahindra Tractors Ajay Devgn has collaborated with Mahindra Tractors, a renowned brand in the agricultural equipment industry, endorsing its reliable and sturdy products.
Sangam Suitings Ajay Devgn has been associated with Sangam Suitings, a prominent clothing brand, representing its stylish and high-quality apparel.
Grasim Ajay Devgn has endorsed Grasim, a well-known brand offering a range of fabrics and textiles, reflecting its class and elegance.
Vimal Pan Masala Ajay Devgn has associated with Vimal Pan Masala, endorsing its refreshing and flavored tobacco products.
Rajnigandha Silver Pearls Ajay Devgn has been the brand ambassador for Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, a popular mouth freshener brand, promoting its taste and freshness.
Dabur Ajay Devgn has endorsed various products under the Dabur brand, such as Dabur Honey, leveraging his popularity to promote its natural and healthy products.
Movie Name Release Date Role Collection Revenue (in crores)
Golmaal Again 20 Oct 2017 Gopal ₹ 300
Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior 10 Jan 2020 Tanaji Malusare ₹ 350
Singham Returns 15 Aug 2014 Bajirao Singham ₹ 230
Simmba 28 Dec 2018 DCP Sangram “Simmba” ₹ 400
Total Dhamaal 22 Feb 2019 Guddu ₹ 250
Shivaay 28 Oct 2016 Shivaay Thakur ₹ 180
Raid 16 Mar 2018 Amay Patnaik ₹ 150
De De Pyaar De 17 May 2019 Ashish Mehra ₹ 175
Son of Sardaar 13 Nov 2012 Jassi Randhawa ₹ 160
Bol Bachchan 6 Jul 2012 Prithviraj Raghuvanshi ₹ 170


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