Kirron Kher

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Full Name Kirron Kher
Real Name Kiran Thakar Singh Deol
Nickname NA
Date of Birth June 14, 1952
Birth Place Bangalore, Mysore State
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor’s in Theatre and Diploma in Advanced Theatre Studies from Punjab University
Father’s Name Thakar Singh
Mother’s Name Diljit Kaur
Other Family Members Anupam Kher (Husband), Sikander Kher (Stepson)

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Kirron Kher: The Versatile Maestro

Artistic Process: Kirron Kher, a versatile actress known for her exemplary acting skills, has crafted her artistic process with dedication and determination. She believes in delving deep into the character she portrays, bringing a natural and authentic touch to her performances. With a keen eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of human emotions, she weaves magic on-screen through her impeccable expressions and body language. Kirron’s artistic process is grounded in her passion for storytelling and her willingness to immerse herself in each role, making her a true maestro in the world of acting.

 Childhood & Early Life: Kirron Kher was born on June 14, 1955, in Punjab, India. Her birth name was Kiran Thakar Singh, and she was raised in a supportive and culturally rich environment. Growing up, she displayed an early interest in the arts, participating in school plays and cultural events. Kirron completed her education at the Chandigarh-based Panjab University, where she studied Theatre and Indian Classical Dance, further nurturing her passion for the performing arts.

 Career Beginnings: Kirron Kher’s journey in the entertainment industry started with her love for theatre. She honed her acting skills on stage and soon transitioned into television, making her mark in critically acclaimed TV series and shows. Her ability to portray diverse characters and emotions caught the attention of filmmakers, leading to her debut in the Hindi film industry.

Career Highlights: Kirron Kher’s illustrious career boasts an array of impressive performances. Some of her notable films include “Bariwali,” “Devdas,” “Rang De Basanti,” “Khosla Ka Ghosla,” and “Dostana.” Her ability to seamlessly switch between impactful supporting roles and lead characters has earned her accolades and recognition.

Fanbase and Influence: Over the years, Kirron Kher has amassed a dedicated fanbase that admires her immense talent and versatility. Her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level and bring relatable characters to life has made her an influential figure in the Indian film industry.

Philanthropy and Charity Work: Beyond her acting prowess, Kirron Kher is actively involved in philanthropic activities. She uses her celebrity status to support various charitable causes, especially those related to education and healthcare. Her contributions to society have earned her respect and admiration.

 Personal Life, Family, and Support System: Kirron Kher is married to actor Anupam Kher, and together they form a power couple in the entertainment industry. Their bond and unwavering support for each other have been an essential pillar in their successful careers. She credits her family and support system for being instrumental in her achievements.

Challenges and Obstacles: Like any journey, Kirron Kher’s career has also faced its share of challenges. From breaking into the competitive film industry to navigating the complexities of fame, she has overcome hurdles with determination and resilience.

Impact on the Industry: Kirron Kher’s contribution to the Indian film industry has been profound. Her exceptional acting skills and dedication to her craft have raised the bar for performers in the industry. She has left an indelible mark on both Indian cinema and television.

 Training and Preparation: Kirron Kher’s background in theatre and dance has played a crucial role in shaping her acting style. She has constantly worked on her skills and embraced a continuous learning process, which has allowed her to excel in her craft.

Critical Reception: Critics have lauded Kirron Kher’s performances, often praising her ability to add depth and authenticity to the characters she portrays. Her work has earned her numerous awards and nominations, solidifying her position as a respected actress in the industry.

 Evolution of Style: Throughout her career, Kirron Kher’s style of acting has evolved, adapting to the changing landscape of the film industry. From traditional roles to modern and progressive characters, she has showcased her versatility and adaptability.

Behind the Scenes: Behind the camera, Kirron Kher is known for her amiable and friendly nature. She is respected by her co-stars and crew members alike, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere on sets.

Legacy and Cultural Impact: Kirron Kher’s legacy goes beyond her performances. She has become an inspiration for aspiring actors and a cultural icon for her contribution to the Indian film industry. Her work continues to inspire generations to come.

 Public Persona: Known for her strong and vibrant personality, Kirron Kher is an influential public figure. She is vocal about social issues and has earned admiration for her candid and outspoken nature.

 Controversies and Scandals: Throughout her career, Kirron Kher has managed to keep herself away from major controversies and scandals, maintaining a clean and respectable image in the public eye.

International Appeal: Though primarily known for her work in the Indian film industry, Kirron Kher’s performances have garnered international recognition. Her nuanced portrayals have resonated with audiences across borders.

Genre and Range: Kirron Kher’s range as an actress is diverse, and she has showcased her talent in various genres, be it drama, comedy, or intense character-driven narratives.

 Personal Challenges and Growth: Behind her successful career, Kirron Kher has experienced personal challenges, and she has used those experiences as opportunities for personal growth and development.

As an accomplished actress, philanthropist, and cultural icon, Kirron Kher continues to shine brightly in the world of entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of her fans and the film industry at large. Her passion for her craft, dedication to philanthropy, and authentic persona make her a true gem in the realm of Indian cinema.

Social and Political Views: Kirron Kher is known for being vocal about her social and political views. She has openly expressed her opinions on various social issues, advocating for causes such as women’s rights, education, and healthcare. As a Member of Parliament (MP) in India, representing the Chandigarh constituency, she has actively participated in legislative discussions, bringing attention to issues relevant to her constituents and the nation. Kirron’s active involvement in politics has provided her with a platform to address pressing societal concerns and work towards positive change.

Collaborations with Filmmakers: Kirron Kher’s reputation as a talented actress has attracted collaborations with some of the most prominent filmmakers in the Indian film industry. Her ability to portray characters with depth and authenticity has made her a sought-after choice for directors across various genres. From working with seasoned filmmakers to nurturing partnerships with emerging talents, Kirron’s versatility has allowed her to seamlessly adapt to different cinematic visions. Her collaborations with filmmakers have resulted in memorable performances, contributing to the success of several critically acclaimed films and enriching the cinematic landscape of India.

Movie Name Release Date Describe Role
Bariwali 1999 As Jaya, a lonely and sensitive housewife, she portrays a subtle and nuanced character, bringing depth to the emotional journey of the protagonist.
Devdas 2002 In the role of Sumitra, Kirron shines as a supportive and understanding mother who displays unwavering love and sacrifices for her daughter, Paro.
Rang De Basanti 2006 As Mitro, a courageous and determined woman, she portrays a strong and influential character, inspiring the youth to stand up against corruption and injustice.
Khosla Ka Ghosla 2006 Kirron delivers a stellar performance as the feisty matriarch, Kamal Kishore Khosla’s wife, creating a perfect balance of humor and emotion in the family drama.
Om Shanti Om 2007 In a special appearance, Kirron plays Bela Makhija, a film producer’s wife, adding charm and wit to her character, leaving a lasting impression in the movie.
Dostana 2008 As Mrs. Acharya, Kirron brings comic relief with her impeccable timing and humorous portrayal of a conservative yet loving mother, adding depth to the story.
Khoobsurat 2014 As Manju, a strict and conservative royal mother, she showcases her versatility in a light-hearted comedy, elevating her character with her unique comedic style.
Punjab 1984 2014 Kirron delivers an emotionally charged performance as Satwant Kaur, a resilient mother searching for her son amidst the turmoil of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India.
Total Siyapaa 2014 In the role of Asha, Kirron portrays a quirky and lovable mother whose antics add a comic twist to the cross-cultural romantic comedy.
Dilwale 2015 As Meera Malik, a doting and strong-willed mother, Kirron captivates the audience with her emotional portrayal and powerful dialogue delivery.

Kirron Kher’s filmography boasts an impressive array of iconic roles, where she has displayed her exceptional acting prowess and versatility, leaving an indelible mark on Indian cinema. From emotionally charged characters to comic reliefs, she has effortlessly embraced a diverse range of roles, captivating audiences with her authentic performances.

Award Title Purpose Year Description
National Film Award Best Actress (Bengali) 1997 Kirron Kher received this prestigious award for her remarkable performance in the Bengali film “Bariwali.” She portrayed the character of Jaya, a lonely housewife, with depth and sensitivity, earning critical acclaim.
Filmfare Award Best Supporting Actress (Hindi) 2003 Her role as Sumitra in “Devdas” garnered Kirron Kher the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her portrayal of a caring and devoted mother added emotional depth to the epic love story.
IIFA Award Best Supporting Actress (Hindi) 2003 Kirron’s heartwarming performance as Sumitra in “Devdas” was recognized with the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her character’s selflessness and affection resonated with the audience.
National Film Award Special Jury Award (Hindi) 2007 The National Film Award honored Kirron Kher with the Special Jury Award for her exceptional portrayal of Mitro in “Rang De Basanti.” Her impactful performance as a brave and influential woman left a lasting impression on viewers.
Star Screen Award Best Comedian (Hindi) 2008 Kirron Kher’s impeccable comic timing and humorous portrayal of Mrs. Acharya in “Dostana” earned her the Star Screen Award for Best Comedian. Her portrayal added a delightful twist to the film’s narrative.
Filmfare Award Best Comedian (Hindi) 2009 For her stellar performance in “Dostana,” Kirron Kher received the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian. Her engaging and funny portrayal of Mrs. Acharya added a distinct charm to the film.
Zee Cine Award Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) 2009 Kirron Kher’s nuanced and humorous performance as Mrs. Acharya in “Dostana” earned her the Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female), further recognizing her outstanding comedic skills.
Star Guild Award Best Actor in a Comic Role (Female) 2015 Kirron Kher’s portrayal of the strict and conservative royal mother, Manju, in “Khoobsurat” won her the Star Guild Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role (Female). Her comic timing and endearing character made the film delightful.

Kirron Kher’s exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have garnered numerous awards and honors throughout her illustrious career. From National Film Awards to Filmfare Awards, she has been recognized for her versatile performances, spanning across various genres and characters. Her ability to leave a lasting impact on the audience, whether in serious roles or comedic ones, has solidified her status as one of India’s finest actresses.

Brand Name Description
Livon Serum Kirron Kher collaborated with Livon, a popular hair care brand, to promote their hair serum products. Her association with the brand showcased her as a relatable and elegant figure, appealing to a wide range of audiences seeking hair care solutions.
Kent RO Systems Kirron Kher endorsed Kent RO Systems, a leading brand in water purification technology. Her association with the brand helped create awareness about the importance of clean and safe drinking water, aligning with her philanthropic endeavors in healthcare and well-being.
Dabur Chyawanprash As a trusted and respected actress, Kirron Kher was chosen to endorse Dabur Chyawanprash, a well-known Ayurvedic health supplement. Her endorsement emphasized the product’s health benefits and reinforced its position as a reliable choice for families seeking natural immunity boosters.
Kurkure Kirron Kher’s vibrant and energetic persona perfectly suited Kurkure, a popular Indian snack brand known for its playful flavors. Her association with the brand added a fun and relatable touch to their marketing campaigns, resonating with consumers of all age groups.
Maharaja Whiteline Kirron Kher endorsed Maharaja Whiteline, a renowned brand offering a range of home appliances. Her partnership with the brand highlighted its commitment to providing innovative and reliable products for Indian households, showcasing her as a trusted and authoritative figure in the domestic space.
PC Jeweller Kirron Kher’s grace and elegance made her a fitting choice to endorse PC Jeweller, a well-known jewelry brand in India. Her association with the brand accentuated its collection’s appeal, positioning it as a preferred destination for exquisite and timeless jewelry pieces.
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Kirron Kher collaborated with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance to promote financial security and planning. Her association with the brand aimed to create awareness about the importance of life insurance and the need for comprehensive financial protection, reflecting her responsible and caring image.
Meera Shampoo Kirron Kher’s long and lustrous hair made her a natural fit to endorse Meera Shampoo, a hair care brand known for its natural and nourishing products. Her endorsement emphasized the brand’s focus on maintaining the beauty and health of Indian women’s hair, adding credibility to the product’s efficacy.
Reliance Industries Kirron Kher collaborated with Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest conglomerates, to promote its diverse range of businesses. Her association with the brand showcased her as an influential figure, aligning with Reliance’s commitment to innovation and growth across sectors.
Tata Sky As the face of Tata Sky, a prominent Direct-to-Home (DTH) television service provider, Kirron Kher lent her familiar and friendly persona to promote their services. Her association with the brand highlighted its extensive content offerings and user-friendly technology, making it a preferred choice among Indian TV viewers.

Kirron Kher’s influential presence in the entertainment industry has made her a sought-after figure for brand collaborations. Her partnerships with various well-known brands have been strategic and effective, as she seamlessly aligns her image with the values and positioning of each brand, resonating with diverse consumer segments. From beauty and healthcare to household appliances and financial services, Kirron’s brand collaborations have been instrumental in enhancing brand awareness and consumer engagement.

Movie Name Release Date Role Collection Revenue (Box Office)
Devdas 2002 Sumitra ₹102 crore (approx.)
Om Shanti Om 2007 Bela Makhija ₹149 crore (approx.)
Singh Is Kinng 2008 Rose Mary ₹128 crore (approx.)
Dostana 2008 Mrs. Acharya ₹152 crore (approx.)
Kurbaan 2009 Nasreen Apa ₹46 crore (approx.)
Kambakkht Ishq 2009 Dolly ₹84 crore (approx.)
Punjab 1984 2014 Satwant Kaur ₹39 crore (approx.)
Total Siyapaa 2014 Asha ₹13 crore (approx.)
Khoobsurat 2014 Manju Chakravarty ₹42 crore (approx.)
Mera Pind: My Home 2008 Mansoor’s mother ₹4 crore (approx.)

Kirron Kher’s filmography includes several box office successes, where her exceptional acting skills contributed to the films’ commercial triumphs. In movies like “Devdas” and “Om Shanti Om,” her memorable performances added depth and emotion to the narratives, while in comedies like “Dostana” and “Total Siyapaa,” her comedic timing struck a chord with audiences, ensuring their box office success. Films like “Singh Is Kinng” and “Kambakkht Ishq” also benefited from her presence, attracting viewers with her strong screen presence and engaging characters. While some films garnered significant revenue, others, like “Punjab 1984” and “Khoobsurat,” showcased her versatility in diverse roles. Overall, Kirron Kher’s contribution to the box office success of these films solidified her status as a talented and bankable actress in the Indian film industry.

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