Love Aaj Kal

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“Love Aaj Kal (2020)”: Exploring Contemporary Romance

Row Name Details
Movie Name Love Aaj Kal (2020)
Censorship Type U/A
Genre Romance, Drama
Available on Platform Streaming platforms and DVD/Blu-ray
Running Time 141 minutes
Language Hindi
Dubbed in Languages None
Starring Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda
Release Date February 14, 2020
Banner Name Maddock Films, Window Seat Films
Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Imtiaz Ali
Directed by Imtiaz Ali
Story Writer Imtiaz Ali
Music Composer Pritam Chakraborty
Choreographer Vijay Ganguly, Howard Rosemeyer
Action & Stunt Directors Sunil Rodrigues, Parvez Shaikh
Cinematography Amit Roy
Editor Aarti Bajaj
Movie Budget Approx. ₹50 Crores ($6.7 million USD)
Box Office Collection Approx. ₹52 Crores ($7 million USD)

The movie “Love Aaj Kal (2020)” ventures into the complexities of modern-day relationships, drawing parallels between love stories set in different eras. Certified U/A, the film is available on various streaming platforms and physical media, presenting a narrative that unfolds over 141 minutes in Hindi without dubbed versions.

Plot and Performances
Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan take the lead roles, navigating the intricacies of love and commitment. Randeep Hooda plays a pivotal character in the storyline, adding depth to the narrative. Their performances, helmed by director Imtiaz Ali, delve into the nuances of contemporary romance and the evolution of relationships.

Behind the Scenes
Produced under the banners of Maddock Films and Window Seat Films, “Love Aaj Kal (2020)” is an Imtiaz Ali creation. The director, also the story writer, brings his signature style to the screen, complemented by the musical prowess of Pritam Chakraborty. The choreography by Vijay Ganguly and Howard Rosemeyer adds visual flair to the film.

Box Office and Reception
With an estimated budget of ₹50 Crores, the movie garnered approximately ₹52 Crores at the box office, resonating with audiences intrigued by its exploration of modern relationships and emotional dynamics.

“Love Aaj Kal (2020)” stands as a contemporary take on romance, showcasing the complexities and dilemmas of love in today’s world, fueled by notable performances and a resonating storyline.

Actor & Actress

Star Name Category Character Type Role Gender
Kartik Aaryan Lead Actor Protagonist Veer Male
Sara Ali Khan Lead Actress Protagonist Zoe Female
Randeep Hooda Supporting Actor Mentor Raj Male
Arushi Sharma Supporting Actress Supporting Actress Leena Female
Simone Singh Supporting Actress Motherly Figure Zoe’s mother Female
Siddharth Kak Supporting Actor Fatherly Figure Veer’s father Male
Pranati Rai Prakash Supporting Actress Veer’s love interest Harleen Female
R. Bhakti Klein Supporting Actor Professor Toby Male
Shataf Figar Supporting Actor Friend Veer’s friend Male
Monika Panwar Supporting Actress Friend Zoe’s friend Female
Suneel Sinha Supporting Actor Supportive Figure Raj’s father Male
Kavita Ghai Supporting Actress Supportive Figure Raj’s mother Female


Award Name Year Description
Filmfare Awards 2021 Best Music Album – Pritam Chakraborty
Zee Cine Awards 2021 Best Music – Pritam Chakraborty
Mirchi Music Awards 2021 Album of The Year – Pritam Chakraborty
Screen Awards 2021 Best Music Album – Pritam Chakraborty

Song & Lyrics

The soundtrack of “Love Aaj Kal (2020)” is a delightful mix of melodies that complement the film’s modern romantic narrative. Here’s a glimpse into some of the memorable tracks:

  1. “Shayad”

    • Singers: Arijit Singh
    • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
    • Choreographer: Adil Shaikh
    • Song Length: Approximately 4:11

  1. “Haan Main Galat”

    • Singers: Arijit Singh, Shashwat Singh
    • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
    • Choreographer: Adil Shaikh
    • Song Length: Approximately 4:21

  1. “Mehrama”

    • Singers: Darshan Raval, Antara Mitra
    • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
    • Choreographer: Adil Shaikh
    • Song Length: Approximately 3:52

  1. “Rahogi Meri”

    • Singer: Arijit Singh
    • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
    • Choreographer: Adil Shaikh
    • Song Length: Approximately 3:55


Each track, woven with the soulful vocals of Arijit Singh and other talented singers, captures various emotions of love and longing. Irshad Kamil’s poignant lyrics paired with the choreography by Adil Shaikh elevate the essence of each song, encapsulating the essence of contemporary romance in “Love Aaj Kal (2020).”

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