Story & Lyric Writing Course​​

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Story and Lyric Writing

  • What are story writing and lyric writing?
  • Types of stories and lyrics
  • Role of a story writer and a lyric writer
  • Overview of the course

Chapter 2: Understanding Plot and Structure

  • Importance of plot and structure
  • Building a plot
  • Types of plot and their features
  • Structuring a story or a lyric

Chapter 3: Characterization

  • Importance of characterization
  • Types of characters and their features
  • Building and developing characters
  • Creating realistic characters

Chapter 4: Dialogue Writing

  • Importance of dialogue writing
  • Types of dialogue and their features
  • Building and developing dialogues
  • Writing realistic dialogues

Chapter 5: Writing Techniques

  • Different writing techniques for stories and lyrics
  • Imagery and metaphor
  • Foreshadowing and flashbacks
  • Point of view and tense

Chapter 6: Editing and Revision

  • Importance of editing and revision
  • Different types of editing
  • Tips and techniques for revision
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Chapter 7: Submitting and Publishing

  • Tips for submitting stories and lyrics
  • Understanding the publishing process
  • Self-publishing vs traditional publishing
  • Marketing and promoting your work

Chapter 8: Collaborating with Others

  • Collaborating with other writers or artists
  • Finding the right collaborator
  • Managing creative differences
  • Building a successful partnership

Chapter 9: Writing for Different Mediums

  • Understanding the different mediums for stories and lyrics
  • Writing for books, films, TV shows, and more
  • Adapting your writing style for different mediums
  • Working with producers and directors

Chapter 10: Career Building

  • Finding opportunities as a story or lyric writer
  • Building your portfolio and network
  • Freelance writing vs full-time writing
  • Tips for building a successful career as a writer

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