Understanding Your Character’s Motivation

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  1. Research the Backstory:

    • Dive into your character’s history to understand their upbringing, experiences, and relationships. This will inform your portrayal and make it more authentic.
  2. Identify Objectives:

    • Clearly define what your character wants in each scene. This goal-driven approach adds depth and direction to your performance, making it more compelling.
  3. Explore Emotional Triggers:

    • Pinpoint the events or circumstances that trigger specific emotions in your character. Knowing these triggers helps you react authentically to various situations.
  4. Consider External Influences:

    • Understand how external factors, such as societal norms or cultural influences, impact your character’s decisions and actions.
  5. Connect Personal Experiences:

    • Relate your character’s motivations to your own life experiences. This personal connection enhances your emotional investment in the role.

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