Arjun Kapoor

Full Name Arjun Kapoor
Real Name Arjun Boney Kapoor
Nickname Fubbu, AK
Date of Birth June 26, 1985
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Education Completed schooling from Arya Vidya Mandir in Mumbai
Fathers Name Boney Kapoor
Mothers Name Mona Shourie Kapoor (died in 2012)
Other Family Members  
Paternal Grandfather Surinder Kapoor
Paternal Grandmother Nirmal Kapoor
Maternal Grandfather Sattee Shourie
Maternal Grandmother Sattee Shourie
Step-Mother Sridevi (Boney Kapoor’s second wife, Bollywood actress, died in 2018)
Half-Sisters Anshula Kapoor (Boney Kapoor and Mona Kapoor’s daughter)
  Janhvi Kapoor (Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s daughter, Bollywood actress)
Half-Brother Khushi Kapoor (Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s daughter)
Step-Sisters Jahnvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor (Sridevi’s daughters)

Arjun Kapoor is a prominent Indian actor who works in the Hindi film industry. He was born on June 26, 1985, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. His real name is Arjun Boney Kapoor. He is often affectionately called “Fubbu” and is also known by the initials “AK.”

Arjun completed his schooling from Arya Vidya Mandir in Mumbai. He hails from a well-known family in the Bollywood film industry. His father, Boney Kapoor, is a film producer, and his mother, Mona Shourie Kapoor, was also associated with the film industry until her untimely demise in 2012.

Arjun comes from a large and illustrious family. His paternal grandparents are Surinder Kapoor and Nirmal Kapoor. On his maternal side, his grandparents are Sattee Shourie. Arjun’s father, Boney Kapoor, later married the renowned Bollywood actress Sridevi, who sadly passed away in 2018. From this marriage, Arjun has two half-sisters, Anshula Kapoor (Boney Kapoor and Mona Kapoor’s daughter) and Janhvi Kapoor (Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s daughter), who has also made her mark in the film industry.

Additionally, Arjun has a half-brother, Khushi Kapoor, from his father’s second marriage to Sridevi. Sridevi had two daughters, Jahnvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, who are Arjun’s step-sisters.

Arjun Kapoor has made a name for himself in Bollywood with his acting skills and has starred in several successful films. He has carved a niche for himself in the industry and continues to be a prominent figure in Indian cinema.

Artistic Process: Arjun Kapoor, the talented Indian actor, follows a meticulous artistic process that involves deep research and understanding of his characters. He immerses himself in the scripts and works closely with directors to bring authenticity to his roles. Arjun believes in experimenting with his performances, pushing the boundaries of his capabilities, and bringing something unique to every character he portrays. He is known for his dedication and hard work, often undergoing physical transformations to fit the demands of his roles.

Childhood & Early Life: Arjun Kapoor was born on June 26, 1985, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is the son of film producer Boney Kapoor and the late Mona Shourie Kapoor. Growing up, Arjun was surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the Bollywood film industry. However, tragedy struck at a young age when he lost his mother in 2012. Despite the challenges, Arjun found solace in his family’s support and developed a passion for acting early on.

Career Beginnings: Arjun’s journey into the film industry started as an assistant director to Nikhil Advani for the film “Kal Ho Naa Ho” (2003). However, it wasn’t long before he realized his true calling lay in front of the camera. His charismatic presence and acting potential caught the attention of the renowned filmmaker Yash Raj Chopra, who offered him the lead role in the romantic drama “Ishaqzaade” (2012).

Career Highlights: “Ishaqzaade” marked the turning point in Arjun’s career, earning him widespread acclaim and a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Male Debut. He continued to impress audiences and critics alike with memorable performances in films like “Aurangzeb” (2013), “Gunday” (2014), and “2 States” (2014). His versatility was evident in movies like “Finding Fanny” (2014) and “Ki & Ka” (2016), which showcased his ability to handle both intense and light-hearted roles.

Fanbase and Influence: Arjun Kapoor has amassed a devoted fanbase across India, particularly among the younger audience. His charm, relatability, and magnetic screen presence have contributed to his immense popularity. Arjun’s influence extends beyond the screen, as he actively engages with his fans through social media, spreading positivity and inspiring many with his personal journey.

Philanthropy and Charity Work: Beyond his acting career, Arjun is involved in various philanthropic initiatives. He supports causes related to child health and education, women’s empowerment, and environmental conservation. Arjun actively collaborates with charitable organizations and strives to make a positive impact on society.

Personal Life, Family, and Support System: Despite the fame, Arjun remains grounded and credits his family for being his rock. He shares a close bond with his half-sisters, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, and half-brother, Anshula Kapoor. The Kapoor family’s unwavering support has been crucial in navigating both personal and professional challenges.

Challenges and Obstacles: Arjun Kapoor faced his share of challenges, including the weight of expectations that comes with belonging to a famous film family. He also had to grapple with personal grief following his mother’s demise. However, he turned these obstacles into opportunities for growth and emerged as a stronger individual and actor.

Impact on the Industry: Arjun’s presence in the film industry has brought a refreshing sense of relatability. He has carved a niche for himself, known for portraying characters with depth and authenticity. His success has opened doors for more opportunities and representation in Bollywood.

Training and Preparation: Arjun Kapoor takes his craft seriously and has undergone professional training to enhance his acting skills. He constantly seeks to improve and often dedicates time to prepare for the nuances of his roles, ensuring he does justice to the characters he portrays.

Critical Reception: Arjun’s performances have received mixed critical reviews, but he has consistently earned praise for his dedication and commitment to his characters. He has proven his mettle as an actor with each project, earning respect in the industry.

Evolution of Style: Throughout his career, Arjun’s style and on-screen persona have evolved significantly. From his rugged avatar in “Ishaqzaade” to the suave and urban characters he portrayed later, he has embraced various looks and styles, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Behind the Scenes: Arjun Kapoor’s dedication and team spirit make him a favorite among his co-stars and crew. He is known for fostering a positive atmosphere on sets and for being actively involved in the filmmaking process beyond his acting role.

Legacy and Cultural Impact: Arjun Kapoor’s contributions to Indian cinema and his ability to connect with the audience have secured a lasting legacy. He has become an influential figure for aspiring actors and continues to inspire through his work and philanthropy.

Public Persona: Arjun is perceived as a down-to-earth and relatable personality in the public eye. His humility, honesty, and positive outlook have endeared him to fans and the industry alike.

Controversies and Scandals: While Arjun Kapoor has largely managed to stay away from major controversies, like any public figure, he has faced some rumors and speculations related to his personal life. However, he has always maintained a dignified silence and focused on his work.

International Appeal: Arjun Kapoor’s performances have garnered attention beyond India’s borders, gaining him a substantial international fanbase. His films and characters have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Genre and Range: Arjun has explored a wide range of genres, from intense dramas to romantic comedies, showcasing his ability to adapt to diverse roles and display emotional depth in his performances.

Personal Challenges and Growth: Arjun’s journey has been filled with personal challenges, including coping with loss and handling the weight of expectations. However, he has consistently grown as an individual and an actor, using these experiences to shape his art and life positively.

Social and Political Views: Arjun Kapoor, while primarily known for his work in the entertainment industry, has also been vocal about social issues. He has expressed his support for women’s rights and gender equality, advocating for equal opportunities and empowerment. Arjun has spoken out against domestic violence and worked to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. Moreover, he has actively engaged in philanthropy, supporting causes related to child welfare, education, and environmental conservation. Arjun’s social views reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on society and using his influence for the betterment of others.

Collaborations with Filmmakers: Arjun Kapoor’s versatile acting skills and dedication to his craft have garnered him collaborations with several esteemed filmmakers. From making an impressive debut with Yash Raj Films’ “Ishaqzaade” to working with renowned directors like Abhishek Varman in “2 States” and R. Balki in “Ki & Ka,” Arjun has proved his adaptability to different styles and genres. His collaborations extend beyond traditional Bollywood, as he has also worked with filmmakers like Homi Adajania in “Finding Fanny,” showcasing his willingness to experiment with unique and unconventional projects. These collaborations have not only added to his diverse filmography but also allowed him to establish a strong rapport with some of the industry’s most respected talents.

Movie Name Release Date Describe Role
Ishaqzaade 2012 In “Ishaqzaade,” Arjun portrayed the character of Parma Chauhan, a brash and rebellious young man from a political family. His performance as a gun-toting, love-struck Romeo earned him widespread acclaim and marked his remarkable debut in Bollywood. Parma’s transformation from a reckless youth to a mature individual in the face of adversity showcased Arjun’s versatility. He brought depth and intensity to the role, making it one of his most iconic characters.
2 States 2014 Arjun Kapoor essayed the character of Krish Malhotra in “2 States,” a film based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name. Krish is a North Indian guy in love with a South Indian girl, played by Alia Bhatt. Arjun flawlessly portrayed the nuances of a young man navigating the complexities of intercultural relationships. He brought charm and wit to the character, adding a relatable dimension to the emotional journey of love and acceptance. His portrayal of Krish’s determination to bridge the cultural gap and win over his girlfriend’s parents won accolades and cemented his status as a versatile actor in the industry.
Award Title Purpose Year Description
Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut Recognizing exceptional debut performance in Bollywood 2013 Arjun Kapoor received the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for his impressive portrayal of Parma Chauhan in the movie “Ishaqzaade.” This prestigious award acknowledged his remarkable talent and promising start in the industry.
IIFA Award for Best Supporting Actor Honoring outstanding supporting roles in Indian cinema 2015 Arjun Kapoor’s nuanced performance as Krish Malhotra in “2 States” earned him the IIFA Award for Best Supporting Actor. His portrayal of a lovable and determined character added depth to the film, and this award recognized his contribution to the success of the movie.
Zee Cine Award for Best Actor – Male Celebrating excellence in acting in Hindi films 2015 Arjun Kapoor’s portrayal of Bala in “Ki & Ka” garnered critical acclaim and audience appreciation. He received the Zee Cine Award for Best Actor – Male for his refreshing and unconventional portrayal of a househusband, challenging societal norms and stereotypes.
Big Zee Entertainment Award for Best Actor – Male (Viewers’ Choice) Recognizing audience-favorite performances 2018 Arjun Kapoor’s role as Madhav Jha in “Half Girlfriend” resonated with the audience, and he was honored with the Big Zee Entertainment Award for Best Actor – Male (Viewers’ Choice). This award reflects the audience’s love and admiration for his on-screen presence and acting prowess.
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Best Actor (Male) Acknowledging favorite male actor among kids 2019 Arjun Kapoor’s appeal among young audiences earned him the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Best Actor (Male). This recognition highlights his popularity and connect with children, who appreciated his performances in family-friendly films.


Brand Name Description
Flying Machine Arjun Kapoor collaborated with the popular denim brand “Flying Machine” as its brand ambassador. He featured in various ad campaigns for the brand, endorsing its stylish and trendy apparel collections. His association with the youth-oriented brand added to its appeal among the target audience.
Hero Cycles Arjun Kapoor teamed up with Hero Cycles as its brand ambassador, promoting eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles. The collaboration aimed to encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation and fitness activity. Arjun’s association with the iconic Indian bicycle brand aimed to inspire people to adopt a greener and healthier way of commuting.
Philips India Arjun Kapoor joined hands with Philips India, a leading electronics brand, to endorse its grooming and personal care products. As the face of Philips grooming range, he contributed to promoting men’s grooming and self-care, encouraging individuals to look and feel their best with the help of high-quality grooming appliances.
World for All Arjun Kapoor associated with the animal welfare organization “World for All,” advocating for the adoption of stray animals and responsible pet ownership. As a pet lover himself, he actively supported their initiatives, raising awareness about animal welfare and encouraging people to provide loving homes to rescued animals.
Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films Arjun Kapoor collaborated with Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, a platform that promotes short films by renowned filmmakers. As the face of this initiative, he contributed to raising the profile of short films and supporting aspiring filmmakers, providing a platform for their creative expression.

Apologies, but as an AI language model, I don’t have real-time data access, and my knowledge is limited to what was available up to September 2021. I don’t have access to the most current box office earnings for movies released after that date. However, I can provide you with a table detailing some of Arjun Kapoor’s successful movies up until September 2021:

Movie Name Release Date Role Collection Revenue (Approx.)
Ishaqzaade May 11, 2012 Parma Chauhan ₹101 Crores
2 States April 18, 2014 Krish Malhotra ₹175 Crores
Gunday February 14, 2014 Bala Bhattacharya, Aka Bikram ₹120 Crores
Ki & Ka April 1, 2016 Kabir Bansal ₹101 Crores
Mubarakan July 28, 2017 Karan Singh ₹93 Crores
Namaste England October 18, 2018 Param ₹8 Crores
Panipat December 6, 2019 Sadashiv Rao Bhau ₹34 Crores
Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar March 19, 2021 Pinkesh “Pinky” Dahiya ₹4 Crores
Bhoot Police September 10, 2021 Chiraunji ₹30 Crores (as of September 2021)

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