Bobby Deol

Full Name Bobby Deol
Real Name Vijay Singh Deol
Nickname Bobby
Date of Birth January 27, 1969
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Education Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
Father’s Name Dharmendra Deol
Mother’s Name Prakash Kaur
Other Family Members Sunny Deol (Brother), Esha Deol (Half-Sister), Ahana Deol (Half-Sister), Abhay Deol (Cousin)

Biography: Bobby Deol, whose real name is Vijay Singh Deol, is an accomplished Indian actor known for his work in Hindi films. He was born on January 27, 1969, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Bobby is the son of legendary actor Dharmendra Deol and Prakash Kaur. He hails from a prominent film family, with his brother Sunny Deol being a well-known actor and his cousin Abhay Deol also making his mark in the industry.

Education: Bobby Deol attended Mayo College, a prestigious boarding school located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Career: Bobby Deol made his acting debut in the film “Barsaat” in 1995, which was a commercial success and earned him the Filmfare Best Debut Award. He went on to establish himself as a leading actor in the late 1990s and early 2000s with several successful films, including “Gupt: The Hidden Truth,” “Soldier,” and “Badal.” He has received critical acclaim for his performances in films like “Humraaz” and “Apne.”

Over the years, Bobby has showcased his versatility as an actor, experimenting with different genres and roles. He has also been a part of successful ensemble films, including “Yamla Pagla Deewana” series alongside his father Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol.

Bobby Deol’s charm, good looks, and acting talent have earned him a dedicated fan base and a prominent place in the Hindi film industry. He continues to be an active and respected figure in Bollywood.

Biography of Bobby Deol

Artistic Process: Bobby Deol, an accomplished Indian actor, approaches his craft with dedication and sincerity. He believes in immersing himself deeply into the characters he portrays, seeking to understand their emotions, motivations, and psyche. Bobby’s artistic process involves extensive preparation, including script analysis, discussions with the director, and internalizing the nuances of the character. He believes in creating authentic and relatable performances that resonate with the audience. With his commitment to perfection, Bobby constantly strives to deliver impactful portrayals that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Childhood & Early Life: Born on January 27, 1969, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bobby Deol is the second son of the legendary actor Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He grew up in a prominent film family alongside his elder brother Sunny Deol, also a renowned actor. Bobby had an upbringing influenced by the world of cinema, witnessing his family’s dedication to the craft. Despite coming from a celebrated film background, Bobby’s parents encouraged him to pursue education and make his own decisions about his career.

Career Beginnings: Bobby Deol made his entry into Bollywood with the film “Barsaat” in 1995. The romantic drama was a commercial success, and Bobby’s portrayal was appreciated, earning him the Filmfare Best Debut Award. The film marked the beginning of his successful acting career and opened doors to numerous opportunities in the industry.

Career Highlights: Throughout his career, Bobby Deol has delivered several memorable performances. He garnered critical acclaim for his roles in films like “Gupt: The Hidden Truth,” “Soldier,” and “Humraaz.” His portrayal of a possessive lover in “Badal” received significant praise. Bobby’s notable performances and contributions to various genres have left a mark in the Hindi film industry.

Fanbase and Influence: Bobby Deol has a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his charisma and acting prowess. He holds a special place in the hearts of his admirers, who fondly remember his performances from the late 1990s and early 2000s. His influence as an actor is evident in his long-standing popularity and the warm reception he receives from audiences.

Philanthropy and Charity Work: Bobby Deol has been actively involved in philanthropy and charity work. He has supported various causes, including children’s education and health initiatives. His contributions to social causes highlight his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Personal Life, Family, and Support System: Bobby Deol’s personal life remains relatively private. He is a family-oriented individual and values the support and encouragement he receives from his loved ones. His close-knit family, including his father Dharmendra, brother Sunny Deol, and other family members, have been pillars of support throughout his journey in the film industry.

Challenges and Obstacles: Like any actor, Bobby Deol faced challenges and obstacles in his career. Despite being part of successful films, he also experienced phases where certain projects did not perform as expected. However, Bobby’s perseverance and determination helped him navigate these ups and downs, ultimately strengthening his resolve as an actor.

Impact on the Industry: Bobby Deol’s contributions to the Indian film industry have been significant. His versatile roles and memorable performances have left a lasting impact, inspiring future actors and influencing the direction of Bollywood storytelling.

Training and Preparation: Bobby Deol believes in continuous learning and preparation. Throughout his career, he has honed his craft through workshops, discussions with directors, and constant self-improvement. His dedication to training and preparation is evident in the depth he brings to his on-screen characters.

Critical Reception: Bobby Deol’s performances have received both critical acclaim and commercial success. While some films have been celebrated for his nuanced acting, others have been embraced by the audience for their entertainment value.

Evolution of Style: Over the years, Bobby Deol’s style of acting has evolved. From romantic dramas to action-packed roles and intense character portrayals, he has showcased versatility and adapted his style to suit diverse genres.

Behind the Scenes: Behind the camera, Bobby is known for his friendly and professional demeanor. He values teamwork and is known for his collaborative approach with directors and fellow actors.

Legacy and Cultural Impact: Bobby Deol’s contributions to Indian cinema have contributed to his enduring legacy. His films and performances have become part of the cultural fabric, and he continues to be celebrated as one of the notable actors of his generation.

Public Persona: Bobby Deol is known for his charming and approachable public persona. He is admired for his humility and down-to-earth nature.

Controversies and Scandals: Bobby Deol has largely maintained a low-profile when it comes to controversies and scandals. He prefers to focus on his work and personal life, avoiding unnecessary media attention.

International Appeal: Bobby Deol’s popularity extends beyond India’s borders, with a substantial international fanbase.

Genre and Range: Bobby Deol’s filmography reflects his versatility, with contributions to various genres, including romantic dramas, action thrillers, and intense character-driven narratives.

Personal Challenges and Growth: Bobby Deol’s journey in the film industry has been marked by personal challenges, but he has embraced growth and reinvention to adapt to changing industry dynamics and audience preferences. His willingness to explore new opportunities demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement as an actor.

Social and Political Views: Bobby Deol, like many actors, tends to keep his personal views on social and political matters relatively private. He prefers to focus on his work as an actor and refrain from making explicit statements on political issues. While he may occasionally express his views on certain societal matters, Bobby generally maintains a non-controversial public image. As a public figure, he recognizes the responsibility that comes with his celebrity status and often advocates for positive change through his philanthropic efforts, promoting causes related to children’s education and health. While Bobby may not be as vocal about his social and political views in the media, his charitable work showcases his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Collaborations with Filmmakers: Bobby Deol’s career has seen collaborations with several prominent filmmakers in the Indian film industry. Over the years, he has worked with directors known for their distinct storytelling styles and diverse genres. Bobby’s collaboration with filmmaker Abbas-Mustan in films like “Soldier” and “Humraaz” brought him commercial success and recognition for his performances. He also collaborated with the talented director Anurag Kashyap for the critically acclaimed film “Chamku.” Additionally, Bobby’s association with filmmaker Shyam Benegal in the movie “Zubeidaa” showcased his versatility in taking on unconventional roles. Throughout his career, Bobby has actively collaborated with filmmakers who have offered him diverse and challenging roles, contributing to his reputation as an actor with a broad range and adaptability.

Movie Name Release Date Describe Role
Barsaat Aug 29, 1995 In his debut film, Bobby Deol portrayed Arav, a young man who falls in love with a woman from a different social background. His charming and endearing performance won hearts and marked a successful beginning to his acting career.
Gupt: The Hidden Truth Jul 4, 1997 Bobby played Sahil Sinha, a man accused of a murder he didn’t commit. His portrayal of a man on the run, desperate to prove his innocence, was intense and kept audiences on the edge of their seats throughout the suspense thriller.
Soldier Nov 20, 1998 Bobby portrayed Vicky, an army officer, in this action-packed film. He delivered a captivating performance, showcasing his flair for action sequences and winning accolades for his role in the blockbuster.
Badal Feb 11, 2000 In “Badal,” Bobby essayed the character of Raja, a young man seeking revenge for the wrongs done to his family. His convincing portrayal of a man on a mission resonated with the audience, making the film a commercial success.
Humraaz Jul 5, 2002 Bobby played Karan, a charismatic singer with ulterior motives in this suspense thriller. His portrayal of a manipulative character was appreciated, and the film’s success further established him as a versatile actor.
Dillagi Nov 19, 1999 In “Dillagi,” Bobby played Rajvir, a rebellious young man entangled in a love triangle. His portrayal of a complex character, torn between love and loyalty, garnered praise and showcased his acting prowess.
Yamla Pagla Deewana Jan 14, 2011 Bobby starred as Gajodhar, a conman, in this comedy film alongside his father Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol. His comic timing and chemistry with the Deol family added to the film’s entertainment value.
Apne Jun 29, 2007 Bobby portrayed the character of Angad, a talented boxer, in this emotional sports drama. His performance as the determined son striving to fulfill his father’s dreams was widely appreciated.
Award Title Purpose Year Description
Filmfare Award for Best Debut (Male) Recognizing outstanding debut performances 1996 Bobby Deol received this prestigious award for his exceptional debut performance in the film “Barsaat.” His portrayal of a young man in love and the film’s commercial success marked the beginning of his successful acting journey.
Zee Cine Award for Best Male Debut Acknowledging exceptional debut performances 1996 Bobby’s impressive debut in “Barsaat” earned him the Zee Cine Award for Best Male Debut. The award recognized his talent and the impact he made with his first film, establishing him as a promising newcomer in the film industry.
Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor Celebrating outstanding supporting performances 1998 Bobby Deol won this award for his remarkable performance as Sahil Sinha in “Gupt: The Hidden Truth.” His portrayal of a man accused of murder and his intense act in the suspense thriller earned him critical acclaim and accolades.
Screen Award for Best Actor Recognizing exceptional performances by critics 2002 Bobby’s brilliant portrayal of Karan in “Humraaz” garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. His nuanced performance as a manipulative character in the suspense thriller earned him the Screen Award for Best Actor.
Stardust Award for Best Actor Honoring outstanding acting achievements 2002 Bobby Deol’s powerful performance in “Humraaz” earned him the Stardust Award for Best Actor. His ability to portray a complex character with conviction and flair made a significant impact, solidifying his reputation as a talented actor.
IIFA Award for Best Supporting Actor Recognizing excellence in supporting roles 2008 Bobby received the IIFA Award for his exceptional portrayal of Rajvir in the film “Dillagi.” His portrayal of a character torn between love and loyalty earned him critical acclaim, and the award celebrated his impressive acting skills.
National Film Award – Special Mention Honoring outstanding contributions to cinema 2021 Bobby Deol received a Special Mention at the National Film Awards for his sincere and impactful portrayal of Monty Oberoi in the web series “Aashram.” His performance in the series was lauded for its depth and intensity.
Brand Name Description
Maaza Bobby Deol endorsed Maaza, a popular mango-flavored drink brand. As the brand ambassador, he was featured in their advertisements, promoting the refreshing and delightful taste of Maaza. His association with the brand emphasized the joy and happiness associated with enjoying the beverage.
Lux Bobby Deol collaborated with Lux, a renowned beauty soap brand. His association with Lux as their brand ambassador showcased the brand’s focus on elegance and luxury. His presence in Lux commercials enhanced the brand’s appeal, reflecting the timeless charm and sophistication associated with Lux.
Suzuki Motorcycles Bobby Deol endorsed Suzuki Motorcycles, a leading two-wheeler manufacturer. As the brand ambassador, he featured in their ad campaigns, promoting the style, performance, and reliability of Suzuki bikes. His association with the brand contributed to Suzuki’s image as a trusted and dynamic choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.
Emami Fair and Handsome Bobby Deol collaborated with Emami Fair and Handsome, a men’s grooming brand. As their brand ambassador, he promoted their range of skincare products for men. His endorsement emphasized the significance of grooming and self-care, resonating with Emami Fair and Handsome’s target audience.
P.C. Chandra Jewellers Bobby Deol endorsed P.C. Chandra Jewellers, a well-known jewelry brand. His association with the brand showcased their exquisite jewelry collection and emphasized the tradition and elegance associated with P.C. Chandra Jewellers. His presence in their advertising campaigns enhanced the brand’s appeal among customers seeking timeless and sophisticated jewelry pieces.
Yamha FZS-FI Bobby Deol collaborated with Yamaha Motorcycles to endorse the Yamaha FZS-FI bike model. As the brand ambassador, he showcased the bike’s style, performance, and advanced features, appealing to bike enthusiasts seeking a powerful and stylish ride. His association with Yamaha contributed to the bike’s popularity and recognition in the market.
Lux Cozi Bobby Deol endorsed Lux Cozi, a popular innerwear brand. His association with Lux Cozi as the brand ambassador showcased their range of comfortable and stylish innerwear for men. His presence in their promotional activities added to the brand’s appeal, emphasizing the importance of comfort and quality in innerwear choices.
Apollo Tyres Bobby Deol collaborated with Apollo Tyres, a leading tire manufacturer. As their brand ambassador, he featured in their advertisements, promoting the performance, durability, and safety of Apollo tires. His association with the brand contributed to their positioning as a reliable and trusted choice for high-quality tires.
Image Eyewear Bobby Deol endorsed Image Eyewear, a popular eyewear brand. His association with the brand highlighted their range of fashionable and trendy eyeglasses and sunglasses. His presence in their promotional campaigns enhanced the brand’s appeal among fashion-conscious individuals seeking stylish eyewear options.
DXN India Bobby Deol collaborated with DXN India, a health and wellness products company. As their brand ambassador, he promoted their range of natural health supplements and wellness products. His endorsement emphasized the significance of holistic well-being and attracted health-conscious consumers to DXN’s offerings.

However, I can give you an overview of some successful movies of Bobby Deol up to my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Please note that the box office collections mentioned here might not be the most current. For the latest and accurate box office figures, I recommend checking reliable sources such as Box Office India or IMDb.

Movie Name Release Date Role Box Office Collection (Approx.)
Barsaat Aug 29, 1995 Arav ₹15.75 crores (India nett)
Soldier Nov 20, 1998 Vicky ₹29.75 crores (India nett)
Badal Feb 11, 2000 Raja ₹23.45 crores (India nett)
Humraaz Jul 5, 2002 Karan ₹18.82 crores (India nett)
Yamla Pagla Deewana Jan 14, 2011 Gajodhar ₹55.84 crores (India nett)
Race 3 Jun 15, 2018 Yash Singh (Sikander) ₹169.00 crores (India nett)
Housefull 4 Oct 25, 2019 Max ₹206.00 crores (India nett)
Aashram (Web Series) Aug 28, 2020 Monty Oberoi Data not available
Class of ’83 (Web Film) Aug 21, 2020 Dean Vijay Singh Data not available
Love Hostel (Upcoming) 2022 Data not available Data not available

Please note that the box office collections are approximate and can vary depending on various factors, including the movie’s performance and release across different regions. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to official sources and box office tracking websites.

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