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Full Name Yami Gautam
Real Name Yami Gautam
Nick Name Yami
Date of Birth November 28, 1988
Birth Place Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Education Graduate in Law (LLB)
Father’s Name Mukesh Gautam
Mother’s Name Anjali Gautam
Other Family Members Yami has a younger sister, Surilie Gautam, who is also an actress.

Yami Gautam is a well-known Indian actress who gained popularity for her work in Hindi films. She started her career in television before transitioning to the big screen. Her breakthrough came with the film “Vicky Donor,” where she received critical acclaim for her performance. Since then, she has been a part of various successful films, showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

1. Artistic Process: Yami Gautam’s artistic process is marked by dedication and a quest for versatile roles. She delves deeply into her characters, meticulously crafting their nuances to portray authentic emotions on screen. Known for her methodical approach, she immerses herself in research, understanding the psychology of her roles, and often bringing a personal touch to her characters. Yami’s commitment to her craft is evident in her diverse performances, displaying a range that spans from intense drama to light-hearted roles with equal finesse.

2. Childhood & Early Life: Yami Gautam was born on November 28, 1988, in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India. Raised in a supportive middle-class family, she pursued her education while harboring aspirations for a career in acting. Yami’s upbringing instilled in her values of hard work and determination, traits that would later define her journey in the entertainment industry.

3. Career Beginnings: Yami’s foray into the entertainment world commenced with television. Her breakout role in the TV serial “Chand Ke Paar Chalo” garnered attention, laying the foundation for her transition to the silver screen. She made her Bollywood debut with the film “Vicky Donor” in 2012, a role that earned her critical acclaim and established her as a promising talent in the industry.

4. Career Highlights: Yami Gautam’s career is studded with noteworthy achievements. Her performances in movies like “Kaabil,” “Uri: The Surgical Strike,” and “Bala” showcased her acting prowess, earning her praise for delivering impactful and memorable roles. These successes cemented her position as a versatile and bankable actress in the Indian film industry.

5. Fanbase and Influence: Yami’s relatable persona and ability to connect with audiences have garnered her a dedicated fanbase. Her influence extends beyond her acting, with her fashion choices and advocacy resonating with her admirers. She continues to inspire and engage with her audience through her work and social initiatives.

6. Philanthropy and Charity Work: Alongside her acting career, Yami Gautam is involved in various philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes related to education, women’s empowerment, and animal welfare. Her commitment to using her platform for social good reflects her compassionate nature.

7. Personal Life, Family, and Support System: Yami attributes much of her strength and determination to her supportive family. Her parents, Mukesh and Anjali Gautam, and her sister Surilie Gautam have been pillars of support throughout her journey in the entertainment industry.

8. Challenges and Obstacles: Yami faced the challenge of transitioning from television to films, navigating the competitive and often unpredictable Bollywood landscape. However, her perseverance and dedication to honing her craft helped her overcome these hurdles.

9. Impact on the Industry: Yami Gautam’s impact on the film industry is marked by her ability to take on diverse roles and deliver performances that resonate with audiences. She has contributed to redefining the portrayal of women in Indian cinema, choosing roles that showcase strength, vulnerability, and depth.

10. Training and Preparation: Yami’s dedication to her craft involves extensive preparation for her roles, including workshops, research, and immersing herself in the character’s world. Her commitment to authenticity reflects in her performances.

11. Critical Reception: Yami has received praise from critics and audiences alike for her acting prowess and versatility. Her performances have been lauded for their depth and sincerity, earning her a place among the talented actors in Bollywood.

12. Evolution of Style: Over the years, Yami’s style has evolved, reflecting her personal growth and confidence. Her fashion choices, from elegant traditional attire to chic contemporary looks, have been admired and followed by many.

13. Behind the Scenes: Yami’s dedication to her craft extends behind the scenes, where she actively engages in the creative process, collaborating with directors and fellow actors to bring depth and authenticity to her characters.

14. Legacy and Cultural Impact: Yami Gautam’s legacy lies in her impactful performances and her ability to connect with audiences across generations. Her contributions to Indian cinema continue to inspire aspiring actors and filmmakers.

15. Public Persona: Yami is known for her down-to-earth and affable personality, endearing herself to fans and industry peers alike. Her humility and grounded nature contribute to her strong public persona.

16. Controversies and Scandals: Yami Gautam has maintained a relatively low profile in terms of controversies or scandals, focusing more on her work and philanthropic endeavors.

17. International Appeal: While primarily known for her work in Bollywood, Yami’s talent has attracted attention internationally, earning her recognition and admiration beyond India’s borders.

18. Genre and Range: Yami has showcased her versatility by venturing into various genres, seamlessly transitioning from intense dramas to light-hearted comedies, showcasing her range as an actor.

19. Personal Challenges and Growth: Yami Gautam’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by personal challenges that have contributed to her growth, both as an individual and as an artist. She continues to evolve, embracing new opportunities and pushing boundaries in her career.

Yami Gautam – Social and Political Views:

  1. Women Empowerment Advocate: Yami Gautam has been an advocate for women’s empowerment, consistently vocal about gender equality and women’s rights. She has used her platform to support initiatives focusing on education for girls and has been a part of campaigns that aim to uplift and empower women in various spheres of life. Her stance on social media and in interviews reflects her commitment to raising awareness about these issues and advocating for positive change.

  2. Non-Political Stand: While actively engaging in philanthropic activities and social causes, Yami maintains a non-political stance in public. She refrains from overtly aligning with any specific political ideologies or parties, choosing instead to focus on issues that transcend political boundaries and resonate with humanitarian values. Her dedication to social causes without overt political affiliations showcases her commitment to making a meaningful impact without getting entangled in the political landscape.

Yami Gautam – Collaborations with Filmmakers:

  1. Diverse Collaborations: Yami Gautam’s career has been marked by collaborations with diverse filmmakers, showcasing her versatility. She has worked with established directors as well as emerging talents, choosing roles that challenge her as an actor. Her collaborations span genres, from working in intense dramas with acclaimed directors to exploring lighter roles in comedies, demonstrating her willingness to collaborate across different cinematic landscapes.

  2. Admiration for Creative Vision: Yami’s collaborations with filmmakers highlight her admiration for their creative vision. She values the director-actor collaboration, often expressing appreciation for directors who offer unique perspectives and narratives. Her willingness to immerse herself in the director’s vision while bringing her own depth to characters has resulted in compelling performances, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between her craft and the director’s vision in the filmmaking process.

Movie Name Release Date Describe Role
“Vicky Donor” April 20, 2012 Played Ashima, a supportive and understanding wife, portraying a nuanced portrayal of a woman dealing with fertility issues and navigating the complexities of relationships. Her performance earned critical acclaim.
“Kaabil” January 25, 2017 Portrayed Supriya, a visually impaired woman whose life takes a tragic turn, showcasing resilience and strength in seeking justice alongside Hrithik Roshan’s character. Her portrayal was lauded for its emotional depth and sensitivity.
“Uri: The Surgical Strike” January 11, 2019 Essayed the role of an intelligence officer, Pallavi Sharma, displaying grace, determination, and a strong sense of duty in a pivotal supporting role, contributing significantly to the film’s narrative and impact.
“Bala” November 7, 2019 Played Pari Mishra, a small-town TikTok star, exhibiting humor and confidence while challenging societal beauty standards. Her character added depth to the storyline, addressing societal biases and stereotypes with a lighthearted approach.
“A Thursday” 2022 (Release) Yami portrayed a school teacher, Naina Jaiswal, who takes the school hostage in an attempt to seek justice for a personal tragedy. Her portrayal showcased a different facet of her acting abilities, garnering attention for her intense and gripping performance.

Social Media Account

Social Media Account Page Name Link
Instagram @yamigautam Yami Gautam on Instagram
Twitter @yamigautam Yami Gautam on Twitter
Facebook @YamiGautam Yami Gautam on Facebook
YouTube Yami Gautam Yami Gautam on YouTube
LinkedIn Yami Gautam Yami Gautam on LinkedIn
Movie Name Release Year Role Description
“Vicky Donor” 2012 Portrayed Ashima, a supportive wife dealing with fertility issues, displaying a nuanced portrayal of a woman in a unique storyline that tackled societal norms. Her performance garnered critical acclaim and marked her entry into Bollywood.
“Kaabil” 2017 Played Supriya, a visually impaired woman, exhibiting resilience and strength while seeking justice alongside Hrithik Roshan’s character. Her emotive portrayal showcased her versatility and earned her praise for the depth of her performance in a challenging role.
“Uri: The Surgical Strike” 2019 Essayed the role of Pallavi Sharma, an intelligence officer, adding depth to the narrative with a poised and determined portrayal, contributing significantly to the film’s impact and success. Her performance in a supporting role was lauded for its impactful presence.
“Bala” 2019 Played Pari Mishra, a TikTok star challenging societal beauty standards, infusing humor and confidence into the character. Her role contributed to the film’s narrative, addressing stereotypes with a refreshing and lighthearted approach, showcasing her versatility in a comedic role.
“A Thursday” 2022 (Release) Portrayed Naina Jaiswal, a school teacher taking drastic measures to seek justice. Her intense and gripping performance in this thriller displayed a different facet of her acting prowess, garnering attention for her ability to portray complex characters with depth and conviction.


Award Title Purpose Year Description
IIFA Awards for Star Debut of the Year – Female Recognizing exceptional debut performances 2013 Yami Gautam received this award for her impactful debut performance in “Vicky Donor,” where she portrayed Ashima with grace and depth.
Zee Cine Awards for Best Female Debut Celebrating outstanding debut performances 2013 Her portrayal in “Vicky Donor” earned her this prestigious award, recognizing her talent and contribution to Indian cinema with a nuanced portrayal of a woman dealing with societal norms.
Screen Awards for Best Female Debut Acknowledging remarkable debut performances 2013 Yami’s portrayal in “Vicky Donor” was honored with this award, recognizing her skillful performance and her ability to make a mark in Bollywood with her debut film.
Star Guild Awards for Best Female Debut Recognizing excellence in debut roles 2013 Her role in “Vicky Donor” earned her this award, acknowledging her remarkable debut and her ability to captivate audiences with her portrayal of Ashima in the film.
National Film Awards for Best Film on Other Social Issues (Producer) Acknowledging impactful cinema 2019 Yami Gautam was part of the team as a producer for the film “Uri: The Surgical Strike,” which received recognition for its portrayal of the surgical strikes conducted by the Indian Army.


Brand Name Description
Maybelline New York Yami Gautam was the face of Maybelline, representing the brand’s beauty products and campaigns, showcasing elegance and style.
Fair & Lovely Yami endorsed Fair & Lovely, promoting skincare products aimed at enhancing skin tone and radiance, aligning with the brand’s message of beauty and confidence.
Cornetto Yami Gautam featured in Cornetto ice cream advertisements, adding a youthful and vibrant presence to the brand’s campaigns, and connecting with a younger audience through its refreshing and delightful offerings.
Chevrolet Yami was associated with Chevrolet, endorsing their cars, symbolizing style, sophistication, and a modern lifestyle, adding glamour to the brand’s image through her association.
Samsung Electronics Yami Gautam collaborated with Samsung for various campaigns, representing the brand’s technological innovations and sleek designs, reflecting modernity and sophistication.
Movie Name Release Date Role Box Office Collection
“Vicky Donor” April 20, 2012 Ashima Approx. ₹65 crore
“Kaabil” January 25, 2017 Supriya Approx. ₹176 crore
“Uri: The Surgical Strike” January 11, 2019 Pallavi Sharma Approx. ₹342 crore
“Bala” November 7, 2019 Pari Mishra Approx. ₹171 crore
“A Thursday” 2022 (Release) Naina Jaiswal

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